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(BLOODROCK cover) Erlend Hjelvik abandona KVELERTAK, nuevo vocalista anunciado. 2 years ago. 13 Ene 2014 el rock n' roll en una combinación explosiva pero cuidada en el planteo armónico de sus tres guitarras y la indomable voz de Erlend Hjelvik. Ep. #21: Erlend Hjelvik (ex-Kvelertak, ex-Djevel & Hjelvik). November 30, 2020 • 86 min. Here we are, back again.

Erlend hjelvik tattoo

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september - owl tattoo stock pictures, 2020-08-19 Hjelvik sings in Norwegian with his unique voice that seems to rasp your soul. He has “it” in buckets and we find ourselves mesmerised by his performance. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes before he removes his t-shirt and leather vest and faces the audience topless and covered in tattoos. For about a decade, Erlend Hjelvik lent his burly, elemental growl to the great Norwegian metal band Kvelertak. Kvelertak made supremely kickass party-ready death ‘n’ roll, and the fact that Hjelvik sang entirely in Norwegian was never a stumbling block.

Ex-KVELERTAK Vocalist Erlend Hjelvik Launches Solo Project HJELVIK. Browse 71 owl tattoo stock photos and images Vocalist Erlend Hjelvik of Norwegian hardcore group Kvelertak performing live on stage during Tons Of Rock festival Oct 5, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Stuart Peters. 2010

2020-11-06 - Today, the Norwegian blackened Viking heavy metal solo-band HJELVIK has released a new song and music video for their third single from the upcoming album Welcome to Hel, out on November 20th 2020 via Nuclear Blast. Erlend HJELVIK (YELL-vik) is a heavy metal composer, lyricist, and vocalist from Vikedal, Norway. In 2006, Erlend co-founded Kvelertak, the rock & metal band known for its high-energy live shows and led by the owl-headed frontman’s savage vocals, performance, and lyrics. HJELVIK is the new solo band of ex-KVELERTAK frontman, lyricist and co-founder Erlend Hjelvik.


Erlend hjelvik tattoo

Erlend is probably most known from his time in the Norwegian band Kvelertak, who shot up in the world as a rocket a few years back.

KVELERTAK-Frontmann ERLEND HJELVIK mag es unter der Haut am liebsten bunt und traditionell. Was die Mutter des Norwegers dazu sagt, und warum man sich besser nicht ­verkatert unter die Nadel Dear Girl With The Massive KVELERTAK Back Tattoo, Marry Me! By. Robert Pasbani.
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Erlend hjelvik tattoo

:) Sverige. Usa? Laura AndresenTattooed.

Two years ago, Hjelvik left Kvelertak, and the band recruited new singer Ivar Nikolaisen. KVELERTAK is Erlend Hjelvik (vocals), Vidar Landa (guitars), Bjarte Lund Rolland (guitars), Maciek Ofstad (guitars), Marvin Nygaard (bass) and Kjetil Gjermundrød (drums). "Meir" track listing: 01.
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There is more info to come soon, so stay tuned! Watch Hjelvik’s announcement (in English) below. Line-up: Erlend Hjelvik – Vocals, Lyrics and Songwriting Rob Steinway – Lead Guitar Remi André Nygård – Rhythm Guitar FEATURE INTERVIEW – KVELERTAK TALK NEW VOCALIST, NEW ALBUM, TOURING WITH METALLICA & MORE! Posted on January 30, 2019 by Oran. Kvelertak have been keeping things under wraps since the sudden departure of long-term vocalist Erlend Hjelvik. 2021-04-22 · Erlend Hjelvik — the former Kvelertak frontman and current architect behind the "blackened Viking heavy metal" project Hjelvik — counts himself among those faithful fans. Below, Hjelvik talks about his history with Satryicon and reveals how the duo's "primitive and evil sounds" have influenced his own creative work.

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HJELVIK ("YELL-vick") is a blackened Viking heavy metal solo-band from Norway founded by ex-Kvelertak frontman Erlend Hjelvik. "North Tsar", the first single from ex-Kvelertak frontman, Erlend Hjelvik's solo band HJELVIK and upcoming debut album, Welcome to Hel. Erlend Hjelvik is bac Erlend Hjelvik’s decision to part ways with Kvelertak in July 2018 due to a change in “individual goals, needs and motivations” came as quite the shock. The frontman had, after all, helmed the band from their early days mining the (as then) largely untapped veins of black’n’roll into the kind of act that could cause a media furore and play to massive arenas around the world with Erlend Hjelvik, sångaren i Kvelertak som gav ugglan lite metal-status, hoppar av bandet. Det innebär att sommarens fyra sista festivalspelningar är utan Erlend, men inte utan Kvelertak. Bandet har redan gått ut med uppgifter om att de har en ny sångare, men vill inte avslöja vem det är: Erlend Hjelvik – Welcome to Hel 17 december, 2020 2018 hoppade Erlend av Kvelertak, det hade börjat bli slitningar i bandet och då kände han att det var bättre att kliva av innan vänskapen förstördes.